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WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? When we are talking about Social Media in the Internet Marketing arena,  however, we are talking about the new technology that are connecting people in “innovating” and “exciting” new ways. Where Companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the examples of these kinds of social medias. These websites encourage groups of “like-minded” people to discuss their common interest and goals.

Some Basics of Social Media and How it can help Your business:

Remember, while it can help your business, it is still just one of many tools to help you build your brand, drive more traffic to your website, increase sales and put more money in your pocket. Don’t allow yourself to become consumed with social media marketing only.

First, here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  1. What will my time ROI be?  In other words are you getting a return in profits from the time you’re investing in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING?
  2. What are the Social Networks that my customers are using. In other words, which websites will your customers be active in?
  3. What is your customer using social networks for? Are they using social media to sell their products? Make new friends? Promote their blog? etc.
  4. How can I automate much of this social networking without sounding like a “robot.”
  5. Is there any tools available where I can connect all the social media together?

Secondly, there are 3 main principles you need to know to be successful. These are principles that have worked in the past and will work far into the future.

  1. You must focus on the User. To make money you need to deliver value to the people. Make sure they are happy, enjoy being associated with you and appreciate the value you are giving them.
  2. You must treat Social Media like it is a party. Treat the whole process like one big never ending party. Just imagine yourself going to a party where you might only know two or three people. You goal then is to become popular, to be treated with respect and to be listened to.  How do you achieve that? Do you immediately start going up to random people and pitching them on your brand new product you are selling. Or do you ask them about themselves? At a party to really attract attention a person usually provides value of some kind. For example, they tell funny jokes, play music or coordinate games, etc. This is how you need to think. Then after you become respected and a resource for something of “value,” then telling people about your business is just natural and not at all pushy.
  3. Always remember the Golden Rule. Whenever you are about to make a new post on your company “Facebook page” or send a “tweet” to your followers “ALWAYS” think about how you would receive it if you were the customer. Don’t promote anything to your customers that you yourself would find “distasteful


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The opportunity for building your online business using Facebook are unlimited because it gives you access to millions of people who might be interested in what you have to sale. Now, lets look at some basic strategies to get you started:

  1. Set Up Your Account – This is essential because it allows you to keep your personal life from your business life separate. In addition, it gives you more options for growth.
  2. Create Your Fan Page – The fan page will be the point of your focus on your Facebook Activities, in the beginning. The fan page keeps you in close contact with people who may be current customers or potential customer. While being able to share “interesting content” with them, promoting your products and getting to know your “target” market on a more personal level. There are many tremendous benefits in maintaining a fan page.
  3. Next Add a “like” Button to Your Website – Once you create a fan page you will be able to add a “like” button on your website. This will give everyone going to your website to give a “thumbs up.” And every positive feedback you get helps you because every “like” will go out to that persons network, helps you show up higher in search engine results and most importantly leads to more traffic and sales.
  4. Generate Your Fan Base – With your new account you can actively seek out your “target market” and also add them as “friends.” Because “Fans”  are only associated with your fan page but “friends” are associated with your account (limit of 5,000 friends). This is a great way to seek out people who might be interested in your products, content, or your fan page. In addition, another way to reach out to your “target market” is to join relevant “groups.”By commenting on their post, talking to other people in the group and occasionally telling them about your own fan page.
  5. Creating Your “Vanity” URL – When you first create a fan page, the URL for the page will be “incoherent” (full of number and letters). But when you get 25 fans Facebook allows you to create you own URL. For example the vanity URL would be: instead of: In order to get your 25 fans, try asking family and friends and telling them you need 25 fans in order to get your own URL.
  6. You must provide Good Content – Once everything is set up, it is time to start growing your fan page and posting content. As mention previous in a post, remember to treat this like a “party.” Make sure you think of ways to add “value,” to your post in order to make your fan page “interesting” and “enjoyable.” (Questions to ask yourself: “How can I serve?” “How can I add value to their lives?” “How can I help them?”)

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What should you Post?

***First make sure you post on your fan page 2-3 times per week***

***Links to “Information Station”

***Post quality links from other websites

***Show new products that may be linked to your niche

***Make sure to show them How-to-information

***Teach them how to do something related to your niche


Talk about discounts on your products. Promoting only Facebook discounts to get them excited. And don’t be afraid to link to other website offering great deals. Remember, this is a “party” setting and

complimenting other people at the party is considered “classy.”


Try having many contests to get people involved and excited about your company. Promote your contests on other pages and website in order to create some “buzz.”

7.  You can start Your Own Group – This is a way to create a stronger community that allows your group members to interact with one another better. It allows customers to help each other out with whatever they are trying to do.

8.  How to “Monetize” Facebook – This is a easy process if you keep 3 principles of Social Media in mind: (1) focus on adding value, (2) treat it like a party and (3)remember the Golden rule (treat others as you would want to be treated) then promoting your products periodically will be just natural.  Also, you can use the Facebook Ad system too, in order to monetize, by sending people to your website or even to grow your fan-page.

***Facebook Ads runs on a PPC quality score system***

9.  Automating Your Facebook – There are a few ways you can automate your Facebook posting that can help you spend less time while providing a “high” value. First, you can have your blog posts post automatically to Facebook when they are published. Secondly, your YouTube videos posted to Facebook automatically and  your StumbleUpon “likes” as well. You can also integrated with other services using Facebook apps like Twitter and

10.  Important: always add value – The potential for connecting with your customers is enormous. Facebook offers a chance to build a large customer base, a strong community and much more. You must take the time to get to know your customers and every once in a while do something kind for someone. Because when you go above and beyond as a company you will never want for happy customers.