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For a long time, I thought that things like Multi-List-Marketing and similar business models were “scams. But Affiliate Marketing┬áis an extension of company’s looking to increase their sales force. Because one or a few people can only do so much; but hundreds and even thousands of Affiliate Marketers can build a much larger marketing campaign for the company.

And there is nothing wrong with connecting a company with a new customer and getting a commissioned for doing that. Just think of car salespersons, real estate agents, or any other individual who brings a customer into a company for a part of the income earned. This practice have existed for many of years, it has been tested over time and it is common to business today. Because if you are a good salesperson, it is a great way to make money compare to a regular job that pays by the hour.

Limitless - Escape the Rat Race and Make Money Online in the New Economy - FREE BOOK

Limitless – Escape the Rat Race and Make Money Online in the New Economy – FREE BOOK

The difference with Affiliate Marketing is that you are not a salesperson but instead a promoter of the product that the company is selling. Your role is simple, you bring potential customers to the companies product website. And once they are on the companies product website. If they buy the product, you receive a commission. Because without your help, they might not have made a sell.

Now different affiliate programs will pay different amounts to those Affiliate Marketers. The commission can vary from 10% commission to high as 80%. But if the company is “greedy” and pay out small commissions, Affiliates probably won’t promote them.

Now, how is all this done. First, you must acquire a affiliate link (unique only to you) for the product or products you are promoting for the company. Then you place ads online on the following: Facebook, Search Engines, Forums, other websites, etc. A large percentage of the online ads that even you may click on are not placed by the company. They are placed by Affiliates that place the ads in order to earn a commission.

Now, you may be wondering why these businesses who have websites don’t place their own ads and generate their own traffic. But most do, the internet is “enormous,” and they can’t even begin to reach all the traffic out there.