I started my Own Online Business by using the easiest way to earn money online and that is Affiliate Marketing. There are things you will have to  learned but it’s not that difficulty. For some, it is possible to be earning money within a few hours from starting. There are a lot of shortcuts to making your first commissions, and programs like the MOBE AFFILIATE PROGRAM are built to help you take advantage of the shortcuts. All you have to do is put in a key (your affiliate link) and turn it (drive traffic) to start making money. And just about everything else is done for you. The creation of the products, websites, customer service, processing of payments, and much more. Affiliate Marketing is what I call the “lazy persons” way to making money online because someone else has already done most of the work.

Even if you don’t have much computer or internet skills you can still get started. There are many online video tools and people online that can assist you such as computer science students for hire online. They will show you the basics of how to buy a domain name, how to get hosting and how to set up a autoresponder, in order to follow up with your leads and start generating traffic.

The first thing you should do when you start your online business is to focus on bringing in cash. Of course, you should focus on getting some customers and making some cash. But a of people starting their business waste time creating logos, getting business cards made up, going out and buying stationary, or doing other “busy things” that don’t directly bring in the cash. Don’t spend time watching videos or reading books and blogs without implementing the things you’ve learned. The”rule of thumb” is that for every hour you spend learning, go spend at least 3 hours doing. Learn as you go, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. And if you feel like there’s too many things to learn, then focus on the things that will bring in money right now. For example, learning to place ads and generating traffic is a lot more important than learning how to design a logo or improve your technology. Remember, until you start making money, you can’t do much else to grow your business.


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